About us

RSERVERS' mission and goal is to provide high quality dedicated servers at affordable prices. Our highly driven and knowledgeable staff, combined with our experience and vast buying power developed through the years, allows RSERVERS to provide the best the dedicated server industry has to offer at the lowest prices possible. We own 100% of our equipment, giving us complete control over quality and our server offerings. At RSERVERS, quality and affordability go into everything we do and provide, helping give our customers exceptional value with our services. RSERVERS is fully committed to bringing high quality services to it's customers. In an industry where it's important to realize "you get what you pay for", unfortunately many providers are leaving their customers coming up short when comparing the quality of their service to the amount they are paying. At RSERVERS, our passion and drive to have customers that realize they are getting a lot of value and service in comparison to what they pay each month. If we can't provide such service in our line up of servers, we go back to the drawing board until we can. It's our passion and our pride, and best of all it's what we do.

RSERVERS is fully owned and operated by RSERVERS TECH, SRL.

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