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a) The terms “site”, “this site” and “the site” used within this document refer to the online store – is the propriety of S.C. RSERVERS TECH S.R.L. which also acts as author and administrator.
b) S.C. RSERVERS TECH S.R.L. is located in Bucharest on Ion Campineanu Street, Nr. 11, of. 419, Sector 1 and is registered at the Registry of Commerce with the following serial number: J40/2303/2010 and Tax Code: RO 26608223.
c) In accordance with Law #677/2001, RServers company is registered in the State Register of processing the personal data under #18939.
d) By the terms “user”, “visitor” and “you” we acknowledge all legal and/or juridical persons who access for various reasons.
e) By the term “personal data”, we acknowledge the information we collect from you, information which can help us identify you personally. This information may include your name, address, telephone number (mobile phone included), information about your credit cards, nickname, e-mail address, age, gender and marital status, but also information regarding your shopping habits, preferences and details about your lifestyle like hobbies and interests.
f) A “cookie” represents a string of “text-only” information which an Internet page transfers in your browser’s cookie file from your hard drive, in order for the Internet page to be able to memorize who you are. A cookie will usually contain the domain name from where the first cookie arrived, “the life span” of the cookie and a value, usually a small number generated by default. When an Internet page is being visited it will send a cookie. Cookies can be used for the following purposes:
- To help websites recognize a unique visitor and enable their administrators to create content or ads which will then correspond to the users’ interest or to stop a repetitive send of cookies to the same user in order to avoid unnecessary redundancy.
- To create anonymous aggregated statistics which will enable us understand how users use our page and to help us improve its structure. By doing this, we cannot identify you personally.

Personal Data Collection

The moment you register on the website, and by the accessing the website’s different products and services or by activating promotional or advertising material, S.C. RSERVERS TECH S.R.L. will collect personal information in order to identify a certain person. In some areas of, S.C. RSERVERS TECH S.R.L. will require you to input personal data, including your name, address, e-mail, telephone, credit card number, contact information, billing information and other miscellaneous information by which you can be identified.

You will be asked for demographic information in other areas of, information which cannot help identify you; like postal code, age, gender, marital status, habits and shopping preferences, details about your lifestyle, hobbies and interests. Sometimes we can or cannot collect a combination of both types of information.
S.C. RSERVERS TECH S.R.L. also receives and registers on its server, information regarding the IP Address and cookies appertaining to the website requested by you. You have the right to accept or refuse cookies by modifying your browser’s settings, but you may not be able to use all the interactive features of our page if your cookies are deactivated.
By using applications which belong to S.C. RSERVERS TECH S.R.L., you agree with the collecting, processing and storing of personal data that you voluntarily supplied us with.
By storing data means that data which was voluntarily offered by you will be kept on any type of storage for an undetermined amount of time.
By processing data we acknowledge the sum of all operations which are being done concerning personal data (i.e. collecting, registering, organizing, extracting, storing and deleting).

The purpose of personal data collection

The main purposes for using your personal data consist of the following:

1) Answering your demands
When you ask us a question or when you issue a request, we will use the data which you provided us with in order to answer your question/request. In some cases, there might be necessary to share your data with other data processors or third parties just to ensure that you will receive a prompt and correct answer to your question/request.
2) Future direct marketing
When you explicitly choose to receive advertising/promotional materials, we will provide constant information which we consider useful to you. For example, at the time you register an account you will be asked to approve handing in your personal information in order to receive newsletters or other forms of updates offered by S.C. RSERVERS TECH S.R.L. If you agree to share your personal information, only then we will send it to other carefully selected firms which will desire to use that information at the time we collect your data.
You can unsubscribe from this type of future contract at any given time. An action such as this will seize all newsletter submissions which were scheduled to be sent to you.
3) Collecting statistics
The statistics we create come as an aid for monitoring users and user activities on the website and also for activities concerning design. We will use both personal data offered by you and also cookies. All personal data required for creating such statistics will remain anonymous.

Confidentiality commitment

S.C. RSERVERS TECH S.R.L is trying to protect the right to personal image and privacy as much as possible. Our main objective consists in offering the website’s users a safe online experience which will not affect their personal life in a negative manner. In this regard, we take all measures to ensure that the information you input in our database is used only for your purposes. We assure you that we will not collect any other personal data while you visit our website despite those you offer voluntarily and by your own will.
S.C. RSERVERS TECH S.R.L. will not pass on (by selling or renting) your personal data to third parties.
S.C. RSERVERS TECH S.R.L. will make an exception from the rules only if faced with the following:
- Your agreement;
- In the case in which information is necessary to the company’s partners in order to improve or facilitate services or products requested by you. Partner companies have the right to use some personal data which is supplied directly by S.C. RSERVERS TECH S.R.L. as much as necessary.
- Your personal data can be delivered to authorities when they justify their reasons or for aiding them in completing investigations.
- In the case in which your activities contravene the terms and conditions stated by S.C. RSERVERS TECH S.R.L., or the instructions for using particular products and services.
- In the case in which S.C. RSERVERS TECH S.R.L. merges or is fully/partially acquisitioned by another company, the database is transferred to the new operator.
- In the case in which S.C. RSERVERS TECH S.R.L. becomes insolvent, the database can be sold or traded according to court of law. In such situations you will be announced by e-mail or by an announcement posted on the website.
The website’s users have the possibility of sending us comments, questions and suggestions. Any type of information sent by contact forms will be used by taking into account the right to personal image and confidentiality.

Modifications in our Confidentiality Policy

In the case in which our confidentiality policy alters, you will either be announced directly or the changes will be posted on our website. You will be notified concerning any type of modification before us using any information about you in a manner which wasn’t previously described in our confidentiality commitment. If such a time comes, you will be able to choose if you desire or to have your information used in a new way.

Customer Rights

The user has the right to demand, free of charge and by request, confirmation that the data concerning him is or is not processed by S.C. RSERVERS TECH S.R.L.
S.C. RSERVERS TECH S.R.L. is compelled to come up with an answer in 15 days.
The user has the right to ask S.C. RSERVERS TECH S.R.L. to correct, update, block or delete his stored personal data. S.C. RSERVERS TECH S.R.L. is compelled to communicate the measures taken in 15 days time, as well as, if case requires to, the name of the third party to whom the personal data of the user was sent.
The user has the right to oppose at any given time, for good and legitimate reasons regarding his particular situation, the data concerning him which can make the object of a processing state, excepting the cases where there are contrary legal dispositions. In case of justified oppositions, the processing cannot consider the data in question. The user also has the right to oppose at any given moment, free of charge and without particular reasons, the data concerning him to be used for marketing in the name of S.C. RSERVERS TECH S.R.L. or another third party. S.C. RSERVERS TECH S.R.L. is compelled to communicate the measures taken in 15 days time, and if case requires to, the name of the third party to whom the personal data of the user was revealed.
Without further need to issue a complaint to the authorities, the user has the right to address the court in order to insure that his rights are respected.
The user, who suffered a material loss as a result of a personal data processing which was illegally issued, can address the court in order to receive his loss.
The court competent to resolve the user’s issue must be the one most near to the place where the plaintiff resides. The request to appear in front of court is tax free.
To make use of such rights, the user will forward a written request towards S.C. RSERVERS TECH S.R.L. The written request needs to be signed and dated. In his request, the user can specify if he wants the information to be sent to a particular address, even electronic mail or other postal service which can insure that the delivery is made in person.

Legislative Framework

The legislative framework which stands for this document consists of “Law Nr. 677 from November 21st 2001 for the protection of persons concerning personal data processing and free circulation of such data” and “Law Nr. 506 from November 17th 2004, concerning personal data processing and protection of private life in the electronic communication sector”.

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